Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 5 Themes of Geography for Austin Texas

There are five themes of Geography. They all apply to Austin Texas. The "Five Themes of Geography" are Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, and Region. The relative location of Austin Texas is (obviously) in Texas, with surrounding towns of Cedar Park, Georgetown and Round Rock. Other cities near Austin that are in Texas include Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. The absolute location of Austin Texas is 25ºN 10ºS. The place characteristics would be: mainly warm climate, a lot of trees, grass, and woodlands. It is well known for being the "live music capital of the world", most people say "Y'all" and use southern language, clothing is somewhat normal, and buildings are big and there's a lot of them, but it's no 'New York City'. The human characteristics would have to be we depend greatly on air conditioning especially in the summer when temperatures reach over 100 degrees. Austin also has a lot of highways and also has dams. Movement traits of Austin are mainly dependent on automobiles. There is a metro system being built, and buses are common, but cars are what will be the most familiar in Austin. The region characteristics of Austin would include some landforms like hills, lakes, and rivers. The city has mainly grassland vegetation and climates are mainly warm/hot. In Austin, the most common religion would probably be Christianity, but there are all kinds of religions such as Jewish, Mormon, etc. The natural boundaries of Texas include the Rio Grande (separating us from Mexico), the Sabine, and Red Rivers. The surrounding states are New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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